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Monday, January 2, 2017


HOLA!! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!! :) wow. Pueden creer que es 2017??! wow. :)

This past week we had a good week. Monday and Tuesday we had an intercambio with the hnas of the ward Porvenir. I went with Hna Warburton in her sector. she is awesome! i love working with her! she is just the sweetest and an awesome missionary!

Wednesday we had a fun noche de hogar with the familia Zambrano and Acosta. The familia Zambrano are a  part member family and the familia Acosta are members that came with us and really helped us in the lesson. we talked about the new year and the goals we want to set! 

Thursday was the beginning of the Leadership Council we have each month with president riggins. Thursday night we went to the temple. i am amazed how there is always something new we can learn each time we go to the temple. when we really want to learn, there is always something to be learned!

Friday we had the leadership council. it was great. we talked about what it really means to be a leader and how we can help other missionaries and the examples that we need to be. we were reminded of a few things we can do better and how we can work better with the part member families. it was great as usual!! that night we came back to Milagro and we were able to go to a small part of the ward party and talk to some great families and find new people to teach!

Saturday we spent the day in las Magaritas. we taught Mercedes, who is doing great. she is amazing and i am always amazed at her strength and desire to learn more and be obedient to the commandments. i just love her! :) That night was new years eve... and here in ecuador its a BIG holiday! fireworks for hours... and they burn monigotes, which are dolls made of cardboard (big or small) and they represent the old year. so they burn the old year and welcome in the new year!! :) its pretty cool!! 

Wow. i cant believe its 2017!! im so excited for all the new year has in store and all the things i have learned in 2016. as i reflected on the past year, i was so grateful for all the things i have been able to do. it has been an incredible year here in ecuador and i feel so grateful to have spent it as a missionary. i have learned innumerable things and there are still so many things i can and need to learn! thats one thing i learned this week... there is always something about the Gospel that we can learn. through scripture study, prayer, church  attendance, temple attendance and other things that invite the Spirit, really we can learn each day something that will help us become more like Christ and understand the plan God has for us! 

have a great 2017!
con amor,
Hermana Warburton
pic of the leadership conference

new years eve

a really big dragon munigote

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