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Monday, January 16, 2017

Barrio Samanes... Otra Vez :)

Hola! :) Buenas tardes :)
This week was a little different from normal... i had a blast from the past this week!

On Tuesday morning i got a call from the assistents that i would be working in Samanes (my 2nd sector) this week until Sunday to contact all the references that we recieved from the big Christmas event in Parque Samanes. So that afternoon i went with Hna Quispe (in Zona Milagro that also worked in barrio Samanes) to go and work in Samanes! :)

We had a great week there in Samanes. it was so neat to see all the members again. that ward is great, the members are amazing, and the families there are wonderful! wow. i loved seeing them all again. they were all so willing to help us, give us lunch, and accompany us to visit their references. 

We had a lot of walking around and contacting people. thats what we did ALL week long. contact. rain or shine we contacted. and yes it poured rain on us one day, but we kept going, and we were able to visit a lot of the families that went to Parque samanes and took pictures or went to the show. We had a fun time contacting the people asking them if they remembered the girl that sang Ave Maria... and then saying well that was me, "Can i sing it for you right now, and then we can bless your house?" :) They almost all said yes! it was awesome! it was a good way to be able to enter their house, visit with them, sing them a song, and then sing a hymn, and then pray with them! we were able to meet some great families, which will be great investigators!

Sunday i was also able to go to Sacrament Meeting in the Samanes ward, and so it was just like old times! :) i was able to see some of my converts as well, and Amalia my convert. Oh how i just love her!! :) She is doing wonderful!! just as sweet as ever! im so happy for her! :) Wow. i know i said it earlier, but i just love that ward. as i was sitting in relief society meeting, i was just thing about how much i love the people here. they have helped me grow, ive watched them grow, and its been amazing to see how the Gospel touches every one of our lives.

This morning as i was studying i was thinking about the Plan of Salvation and the principle of remembering things. I was reminded of how in young womens and all throughout my life i have always been taught the Plan of Salvation. At times i thought it was a little repetitive and i wondered why we always had the same lesson. This morning as i thought about it, i realized a few things. that the Plan of Salvation is so important and is basically the center of all we do. if we understand this plan, we will make good choices and be happy. we will apply the Atonement in our lives. so we need to always be learning about it! also, as humans we tend to forget things, and its the little things we do that really help us be better and continue in this plan. So while we may think things are repetitive, they are not, because there is always something new we can learn, and doing the small things over time accomplishes the greatest things! So keep working and doing the small things that will help you to stay in the strait and narrow path in this great Plan of Salvation that God has given us. its perfect, and i know that He loves us! :)

love you all! have a great week! :)
con amor,
Hermana Warburton
Hna Gloria Perez y Evangelina (daughter of Francis) with hna quispe (my comp of the week!)

Hna Chacon :) I just love the familia Chacon!


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