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Monday, January 23, 2017

Una Semana de Milagros

This week was great! This week we saw milagros in Milagro, and i really saw the Hand of the Lord in the work we are doing, and how He loves us and blesses us!

This past week we taught a part member family- with Alexandra y Carlos. They are an amazing family and are so sweet! how i love them!! We were able to go with another family in the ward to visit them, and had a great lesson. we explained about the Great Apostacy and The First Vision. Wow. When we shared the First Vision, the Spirit was so strong in the room. We asked Alexandra in that moment if she believed that Jose Smith was a profeta and she said yes! She felt the Spirit, and so did everyone. it was such a neat experience to be there with them in that moment.

On Wednesday we had a great day with lots of lessons that we could teach. it was awesome!! we were so happy to be able to find lots of people receptive and willing to listen to us, and also at home! :) Also we were able to visit a few of the members and their families this week, and as we visited them, i felt so happy to be here in Ecuador meeting people like them. There are families here that are truly incredible, who are so great and have so much light in their eyes. they work so hard to have a happy family and obey the commandments of God. wow. i am so grateful to know them!

Sometimes i feel like we work so hard, try to be so obedient, but sometimes i cant see the results. Yesterday we were able to see the results! Yesterday, Sunday we did all we could to have our investigators come to church. We called, we passed by their houses, and nothing. We were pretty sad, as we walked into church and had stake conference, and our investigators didnt come. it was hard! But when the meeting ended, and we were saying goodbye to the people that came, one of our investiators came up to us to greet us! Wow!! we were soooo happy!!! we had no idea he had come, he had come a little late, and we hadnt seen him, but he came to church with his family!! Wow. we were so happy! 

Then that night as we visited an investigator and her children, she told us she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible! we were so happy for her! :) wow. i know that God knows us His missionaries and is guiding and helping us in every step of the way. its amazing. i feel so grateful to be His missionary and to be able to visit His children and help them with the things they need! I know He will bless us when we do all we need to do and are obedient. Wow. i know that we were guided and blessed this week. i feel SO GRATEFUL to be here and so grateful to be a missionary now in Ecuador! :) I know that the Gospel really is the way that we can find the solutions to all of our problems. i can help each and every one of us with whatever thing we are are going through! I hope you all have a great week!! 

con amor,
Hermana Warburton
there was this bridge and i was SUPER scared to cross it, cause well just look at it! it could break any second and i could fall off the edge!!!!!!

me with a HUGE mango!!! :) YUM

la familia lara! :) i just love them!

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