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Monday, January 9, 2017

Los Grillos... y Milagros

Buenas tardes!! :) First week of the year! FELIZ AÑO! 
This week we had a good week, with lots of ups and downs and milagros en Milagro! :)
On monday we were able to teach our recent convert Jefferson the Plan of Salvation again, and teach him more about family history and the temple. i am so grateful for this great Plan that lets us see our family again, and have happiness now and in the eternities!

On wednesday we had our zone conference with President and Hna Riggins. it went really well! i always love learning from our President! We watched the world wide missionary training conference from last year.. because lots of missionaries are new and had not seen it. it was a good reminder of teaching repentence and baptizing converts, and about the way we need to teach by the Spirit, and work with members. i was reminded of the importance of listening. listening as we teach-- to the investigators, to our companion, and to the Spirit! Its so important to listen to the Spirit! :)

On Thursday it had its ups and downs... there werent a lot of people home, but we were able to teach Mercedes which was great. She is a great investigator, and each time i teach her i feel the love that God has for her.

On friday...a day i will always remember.... well this day we had the war of the grillos (crickets). i dont know what happened.. we went to sleep thursday night and we woke up friday and there were a billion crickets in the house! the house was FULL of crickets. and we were in an intercambio, so it was with another companion (hna hurtado). the house was full of these insects, and it was sooooo nasty!!! eww! that day i was so excited when we got to leave the house! we worked that day, and had a good day with hna hurtado working in my sector. we were able to find a few new investigators as well. that night after we switched companions  and i was with hna peña again, we came back to the house and there were still a billion crickets!!! we spent about an hour trying to get them all out of the house. it was terrible!! luckily after that we havent found as many in the house (but there are still some in the house)... but oh.. i never want to see a cricket again!!!!!

Saturday we had a cool lesson! when all of our appointments fell, we decided to visit a part member family. the wife is a member, and the husband is not. we visited them, and the lesson was guided by the Spirit. it was so neat! they are not married, and the husband wanted to get married in a few months from now. we talked to them, shared a scripture with them, and as he read, he understood all the blessings that come from marriage and keeping the commandments, and after he read that, he himself said put a new date for their marriage for the next month! it was awesome! i was amazed at how the Spirit worked in that lesson, and that we are not really the teachers, but the Spirit is!

I am so grateful for the Gospel, for the Atonement and for prophets. i know that this is Christ´s Church. I love how the Scriptures truly help us to find the answers to the questions we have and invite the Spirit. i know that the role of the Holy Ghost is so important- to testify of truth, to teach us, and to testify of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We shared Mosiah 2:22 with many people this week, and I know that as we keep the commandments and live righteously, we will prosper, and will receive the blessings that we need. Have a great week! love you all!!

con amor, 
Hermana Warburton

the grillos (crikets) 

thats just a few... there were tons!!!!!!

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