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Monday, January 30, 2017

La Caridad y La Lluvia en Ecuador

Hola! Buenas tardes! 
This week was pretty good! We had some new world wide mission changes, and saw and visited some great families this week! :) Also... it rained A LOT this week.... 

On Monday we had a fun FHE with 2 families in the ward. 1 family of members, and the other part members (the familia torres lara). it was fun to teach them all about the Restoration, in a fun and interactive way (my pictionary! ).

On Tuesday we visited the part member family of the familia vera. they are so great. we had a great lesson, that was guided by the Spirit. I am SO grateful for the Spirit in teaching. We are NOT smart enough to know what the people need, and so it is only by the Spirit that we are able to have success and really teach what they need to hear. That night we also visited a recent convert and her family- Luica. She is really sweet, and her 2 little granddaughters were there as well listening to us (and they are not members). The granddaughters enjoyed listening to us as well, and the cute little granddaughter at the end of the lesson asked if she could have my missionary badge. She wanted one just like mine! I said, "well my name tag doesnt have your name on it. How about we make you one of your own?" I made a little missionary name tag with a piece of paper, and put it on her shirt with a bobby pin i had, and she was so happy!! it was the cutest thing ever!

On Wednesday we had a world wide missionary training by the Church Missionary Department. It was great! they went over the training from the year before, and talked a lot about the importance of the Doctrine of Christ and applying that doctrine into our lives as missionaries. it was really great! and then they made the announcement of changes in our daily schedule as missionaries and the numbers that we need to inform!! it was cool!! so now we have more agency to choose when we do certain things. we can now leave earlier in the morning, and the biggest change- p-day now starts at 8am instead of 10 am! wow. it was cool!! 

Thursday we had a zone conference with President to go over all the things that were said in the missionary training and to clarify a few things. I always love learning from President, and the way that he teaches. He teaches in a way that everyone remembers it, and its always by the Spirit. that night it was raining A TON and when we left the church to go to our appointment.. we got soaked! there was so much rain!

On Friday we had an intercambio (exchange) with the hermanas from the ward Paraíso. I went with Hna Quispe (my old comp) in her sector of Paraíso. it went really well!! i love working with the hnas, and seeing all the good things they are doing. in these intercambios, we enjoy teaching, finding, and contacting in her sector, and seeing what goals we can set to be better in all aspects of missionary work. We had a good time teaching and meeting new people!

On saturday we taught a training for visiting teachers and enjoyed helping the relief society. that day we also were able to see Mercedes. She said she wants to get baptized!!! she had been waiting the whole week to see us and tell us that! she was so excited! i just love her so much, and we are working so hard so that she can get baptized as soon as possible and receive the blessings she wants.

This week we taught a lot about the Restoration and the importance of how Christ established His church. i am so grateful for the knowledge we have of the Restoration, and of the great importance it is to each one of us. we dont have to be in the dark and in confusion. we can have the light, because the Church that Christ established is here on earth once more! Also something that President taught us this past week was about charity. Charity is the pure love of Christ, and that pure love that Christ gave is the Atonement. Charity=Atonement. As we apply the Atonement in our lives, we can develop and have more charity, because we are becoming more like Christ! i am so grateful for the Gospel and the things we can learn each day through the Spirit!! have a great week!!

con amor,
Hermana Warburton
the rain!!... wow...

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