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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yo Sé Que Vive Mi Señor

Hola hola!! Buenas tardes!! :)

Well... this week we had a good week!! :) the highlight of the week for me was having the first baptism here in this sector, and the first baptism of Hermana Castillo`s mission!!! :) Wow! that was super awesome! 

Saturday morning we had the baptism of Jose Andres. He is super great, and we have been working with him and his family since the first night that i got here in this sector! He is 9 years old and his parents are members, but he had not been baptized yet. He and his family are super sweet, and although have had many challenges, they have been able to overcome them, as they have put Christ as the center of their lives! Jose Andres was sooooooo excited this past week for his baptism and saturday morning just as excited! after he was baptized he shared his testimony and it was so sweet! he said he felt clean! and he wanted to be a better son and brother by helping his family more! it was so great!! the next day he was confirmed at church! :)

We were also able to visit a few converts this past week and help them go to church again. Also we visited the Familia Perez, a family of investigators, and were able to teach them the lesson about the Restoration of the Church. this was great, because it cleared up a lot of doubts that the family had about Joseph Smith! they were confused about who was Joseph Smith, and didnt understand that he was a propeht, as it became clear that we worship Heavenly Father, and not Joseph Smith, they were able to open up their hearts a little more to the message that we shared!

Sunday we were able to have a great fire side at our ward with President Riggins and his wife! With the help of the ward, we missionaries organized it, and it turned out to be a success. President came and talked up the Holy Ghost and conversion, and how we can receive an answer to our prayers and know if things are true or not. We also had a few testimonies of members and non members that were great! Also i was able to sing with Hermana Stephenson on her violin and Hermana Lange on the piano "Yo Sè Que Vive Mi Señor." (I Know That My Redeemer Lives). That was awesome... maybe one of my favorite parts of the fire side! i love singing, and it really brought the Spirit into the room. that was so neat!

I am so grateful to be a member of this Church. it is amazing how much joy and comfort it can bring into ones life. As i watched the General Women´s Conference this saturday, many times i felt the Spirit witness to me that these things are true. When President Monson walked into the conference, i knew and felt that he truly is a prophet of God. A prophet that we always testify of to the people here. I know that the things that the prophets teach us are true, and when we follow what they say we will be blessed. We will have our faith grow, and we will truly know that our Savior lives. As i sang that song this past week, i sang it as my testimony, that i know that my Redeemer lives. i know He loves me, and i know that He can always help us in every moment that we need to. How grateful i am for the great Plan of Happiness that we have been given!! :)

have a great week!! enjoy conference!! 

con amor,
Hermana Warburton

Monday, September 19, 2016

Conferencia de Hermanas

Hola hola!! Buenas tardes!! :)

This week we had a fun week! we were able to visit a lot of conversos y menos activos, and look for new investigadores to teach! 

we were able to teach an investigator this past week in the park about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. we were walking by the park, and started talking her, and she asked what makes our Church different! what a great question to ask!! :) so we explained about the Restoration of the Gospel, and the importance of praying and asking God for an answer. as we listed to her and learned more about her life, i was amazed at how in such a short amount of time, i could love and care about someone i just met. that is how Heavenly Father loves. He loves us no matter who we are, because we are His children, and i am grateful for the opportunity i have to be able to share that love with the people i meet here! :)

On thursday and friday we had a conferencia de hermanas.... with ALL the hermana missionaries in the mission and president and hermana riggins!! it was so fun!! i loved it!! thursday we were able to do service and paint a wall by a church that had grafitti on it and also clean out the weeds and garbage that was there! i cleaned out the weeds and picked up garbage! then that night we went to the temple.. which was so great!! :) i know that Heavenly Father loves us! 

On Friday we had the training and hermana and president riggins and the hermana asistentes talked. we learned more about the new dress code that we have... we can now wear pants, sun hats, and sunglasses!! wow!! super cool! :) also we talked about the importance of faith and seeing what can happen when we put our faith in action! it was a great conference and it was sooooo great to see the other hermanas and my old companions!! how i love them all and miss them!! :) it was so good to see them and talk to them about how their missions are going and such! :)

This week was a week that seemed to fly by super fast!! i couldnt beleive it! :) i am so grateful for the time that i have to be here in the mission. i know that its where i need to be. i love the missionary work and the opportunity i have to help others feel the Spirit and find their testimonies. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. when we read it with a desire to learn and know more, we can know its true. i know that God knows and loves each and every one of us. we are His children, and He has a plan for each of us! His ways are perfect, and when we perseverar hasta el fin, we can have eternal life! :) 2 Nefi 31:20.

love you all!!
con amor,
Hermana Warburton

hermana vargas (my daugther) with her daughter (my granddaughter!)

the hermanas from my group

Hermanas and Companion from the CCM 

Monday, September 12, 2016


Hola!! Cómo están??? Espero que todos estén bien!

Bueno... esta semana.... this week was a good one! we had verification of 12 weeks with hermana castillo  and presidente riggins... because hermana castillo has 6 weeks in the mission!!! wow!! the time has flown by! but we learned a LOT in the training. it was super cool! president always helps us find new ways that we can teach ,and should teach, and how we can be better missionaries. but not only that, he helps us be better people, with better habits and attributes like Christ! this made us excited to go out and share the Gospel with everyone!!

This week we taught our investigator carlos the importance of reading the scriptures, praying, and going to church. the 3 pillars in our lives that help us become stronger in the gospel and strengthen our testimony. yesterday we were able to have a lesson with him and his cousin (who is a member) and we taught him the importance of prophets. we also learned the he will be traveling to quito for a few weeks, and that we wont be able to teach him for a few weeks... as we heard that i was prompted that i needed to share my testimony about the Church. i shared with him how this Gospel has really made me a happy person, and that i know that the Church is true. As he closed the lesson with a prayer, a prayer with  real intent, the Spirit flooded the room, and it was so neat to see that he felt the Spirit in this moment. As we left, i was reminded of the great importance of sharing testimonies. it is something that can be short or long, but something that always invites the Spirit, always.

Also we visited a less active family this week, they came to church the past week, and were touched by a testimony that their little grandson shared in testimony meeting. That testimony helped them realize that they needed to go to church, and be an example for their family. we realized that as we become like little children "meek, humble, submissive," we can truly become more Christ-like and feel His influence more in our lives.

Yesterday hermana stephenson (the other hermana that is in our ward) and i played the piano and violin before Sacrament Meeting... i played the piano and she the violin! it went really well, and i enjoyed playing music to help set a reverent tone before the meeting!! how i love music!!! :)

this week i reflected on the great importance of the Spirit in conversion. the Spirit is soooo important, because without the Spirit, we cannot teach, and the people cannot become converted. We can feel the Spirit when we pray, and when we ask with true intentions to know the truth. i know that God knows and loves each and everyone of us. He always wants to guide us and help us know the truth, and when we ask Him in prayer, He will give it to us!

have a great week!!!!

con amor,
Hermana Warburton

Monday, September 5, 2016

Gracias a Él

HOLA familia y amigos!!!!

Well another week in ecuador! this week seemed to fly by fast!! :
on tuesday we had an intercambio de compañeras and i went with the hermana lider, hermana corona in her sector in duran! it was fun to leave the sector for a little bit and meet new people. i learned a lot from hna corona, and she is a great leader! :)

on wednesday we had quite a couple of lessons with investigatores, and were able to teach our investigator carlos! we taught him the 10 commandments and after we were done teaching we had him teach his cousin the 10 commandments to see if he remembered them all! he did a great job! it was so fun watching him teach and seeing that he understood and was listening in our lesson! :) we also were able to invite him and his cousin´s family (who he is living with) to a baptism this week... so he was able to see his very first baptism!!!! wow that was so cool! it was so neat to have him there, and have him see what baptism is like and the Spirit that is present during baptisms!

we were also able to visit victor, another investigator this week who has lots of doubts about the Book of Mormon... but we know that if he will read this book and pray about it, he will know that it is true!! :) 

On Sunday we had a noche de hogar with a part member family, investigator, the bishop and our lider misional! it was awesome! we had a very spiritual lesson, and then were able to enjoy arepas (a food from Venezuela) made by our investigator!! 

This week as we watched the "Because of Him" video of Jesus Christ, i was thinking about the character of Christ, and all the things that are possible thanks to Him. Jesus Christ was always being criticized, never acknowledged for all the good that he did, and always went around doing good and helping others. He is the perfect example of charity. although no one is perfect, the more we try to be like Him, and follow His example, the more we can feel His love, but also show our love for Him. I know that Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. I am so grateful for Him and His Atoning sacrifice for all of us. Have a great week this week!! love you all lots!!!!! :)

con amor,
Hermana Warburton

isla santay