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Monday, December 26, 2016


FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!! :) wow. ¿Navidad otra vez? Y fue increíble!! Me encanta la Navidad!! :) I love Christmas and all the fun things that come with Christmas in Ecuador... hot chocolate, pan de Pascua, and the fun Christmas songs and hymns... like Mi Burrito Sabanero. The traditions here are so fun! :)

This week we had a great week, with all the things happening for Christmas and all the happiness it brings! :)

On Monday we visited a part member family that is super cute!- the familia zambrano. we talked to her about the importance of baptism and how that can really bless her family.

On Tuesday i had another awesome experience and was able to sing Ave Maria in Malecon 2000. its a tourist attraction in guayaquil and they were lighting the Christmas tree. Presidente Riggins and his wife got to do the count down and light the tree! :) then we got to do a program of hymns and scriptures about Christ ( i got to sing a solo and read a scripture), and then also did our program from Parque Samanes (where i got to sing Ave Maria). it was so cool! we sang on an outdoor stage there in Malecon for lots of people to see! how neat! it was a good way to invite people to investigate and learn more about the Church!

On Wednesday i had an intercambio with hna quispe.. who was my comp in primavera for a month in june!! she is in milagro and so we had an intercambio! shes awesome, and we had a great day visititing people and sharing about Christmas.

Thursday we got to go to the Margaritas... a part in our sector, and visited some great families there! we found a new investigator, a cute mom with 3 kids (i think) and she was very sweet! we also had interviews and house inspections with Pres and Hna Riggins.

Friday i got to perform again in Guayaquil for a hospital party for kids. it was so fun! :) that day i was with hna wilson (from my group) and we worked in a sector in guayaquil, contacting the references from the parque samanes. we met a great family! they were so kind, and invited us right in to share with them a message and Christmas hymn! that night i also got to perform with a group of missionaries our program for a stake in duran.

Saturday was a great Christmas eve! i got to talk to my family!! :) they are the best!! :) We got to do some service in the morning, cleaning the church. we also visited some great families in las Margaritas. Mercedes, Cruz and her family, and everyone was so nice and inviting us to drink hot cocoa and eat with them! they were all so sweet!! i love the people here. they are so kind and loving, and always want to give. it is something i admire so much. they are always willing to share, it doesnt matter who you are or how much they have, they are always willing to share and give. it has been a great example to me too see that!

Sunday... FELIZ NAVIDAD! we had a great Christmas! going to Church, where the kids had their Primary program, and we visited some families. there werent a lot of people home, and at one point in the day we felt a little discouraged. we decided to contact a cute elderly couple that was seated outside their house. we sang to them and asked who else we could sing to.. they pointed us to their neighbor, who they said was spending Christmas alone at her house. We decided to go over and visit her (who was also seated outside her house). We talked to her, and sang to her, and it was an amazing experience. As we testified of Jesus Christ and His true Church, we felt the Spirit. i know that she felt the Spirit as well. as i testified of Christ, i was reminded of His great love for us, and as i told her about Him, i knew what i was saying was true. im so grateful we got to meet this sweet woman, and help her feel the Christmas spirit. it was a great Christmas!

Well FELIZ NAVIDAD!! i sure hope you all had a great week and Christmas. This week we enjoyed sharing Alma 7:10-12 with the people we visited. On Christmas sometimes we celebrate only the birth of Christ, but we also need to remember His life, and thanks to his life, and His Atonement, we can truly have peace and happiness. I love this scripture. It talks about all the things that Christ suffered for us, so that He knows how to help us and give us comfort. I know that He knows us personally and loves us. His atonement is infinte and eternal, and available for all. I am so grateful for this time of year and that i can share this great message of hope and happiness with those in Ecuador!! :) Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!

con amor,
Hermana Warburton

           me with the hermanas from the presentations we do!

                                       feliz navidad

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