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Monday, December 19, 2016

Parque Samanes y Feliz Navidad

Wow. this week was amazing!! :) i had so many great experiences this week that i will remember forever!! :)
This week i basically spent the whole week (tuesday to Sunday morning) in guayaquil. we had practices for Parque Samanes presentation all week long. ... every day. but it went really well. i was with Hna Deakin (from Idaho) this week as my companion, staying in her sector so that i could be the week in guayaquil and Hna Peña my comp went with Hna Deakin´s comp to work in Milagro. It was super fun to be with Hna Deakin.. she is a great missionary and has about 8 weeks in the mission! :) reminds me of me a year ago!! 

On wednesday we had practices all day long... and we got done at Parque Samanes late at 11pm at night! and a miracle happened and Hno Olaya and his wife took us home from the Park... and it was so kind of him! we were so so grateful and it was a miracle that he and his wife could take us home that late at night! they are wonderful!

on thursday we had the big dinner as a mission with President and the whole mission! it was super fun! and we also performed our presentation for the mission!! :)

on saturday was the big Parque Samanes presentation!!! earlier in the day we had sound check, and then at 5-6pm started the prelude music that a choir of our mission, the south, and west mission sang. it went well! our presentation from our mission was the last part of the program!! and it went soooo well!! i sang Ave Maria for the many people that were there, and it was an experience unforgetable. it went sooo well!! :) the people loved our presentation, and were sooooo happy and excited as we performed. as part of our presenation we had actors, choir, and a band, all of which went really well, and fitted together so nicely. everyone in the audience was left with their mouths open!! :) it was amazing!! i am soooo grateful for the opportunity i had to perform and sing in Parque Samanes in the concha acustica. it was an experience of a life time, of which i am so grateful!! :) 

Christmas is this week! can you believe it??? this week as i studied about Jesus Christ and Christmas, i was once again reminded of the true reason of Christmas... Jesus Christ! i know that He lives and loves us. The true spirit of Christmas is not only that Christ was born, but that He lived, and lives now, and because of that we can live again! we can be free of pains, sufferings, and guilt. we can be cleansed. we can be healed spiritually and physically. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He loves us, and thanks to Him, we can have happiness now, and in the eternities. I am so grateful that as we live and serve as He served, we can become more like Him, and light the world with light!! :) I hope you all have a great Christmas!! love you all lots!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!! :)

con amor
Hermana Warburton
PICS.. ME with my comp

          me with hna castillo.. mi hija!

me with hna castillo and her daughter.. my granddaugther!!

me with hna lange! shes awesome

us backstage

Ruby Camino Macias from the Semanes Ward 

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