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Monday, May 30, 2016

9 Meses en La Misión y Conferencia de Zona

Buenas tardes a todos!! :) Espero que estén bien y estén disfrutando el final del mes de mayo! :) 

Wow this past week i hit my 9 month mark. i've been out in the mission for 9 months! there have been a lot of things i have learned and done. lots of things i thought i would never do, lots of surprises, blessings, and experiences. mistakes, hard times, and frustrations. But i am so grateful to be serving a mission and to be able to be here in ecuador. i love this country and i love the people here. although it can be hard, the mission is also very rewarding. not only do i get to see the people around me grow and feel the Spirit, but i feel like i am also growing and learning new things as well. :)

This week we had our zone conference with presidente riggins on tuesday and wednesday. we were able to go to the temple on tuesday night. it was great because it was the first time that we have gone to a night session here (we usually go at 6am) and so it was good because i wasnt as tired as i usually was. :) i love the temple. i know that God hears and answers prayers. often when we speak to our Heavenly Father through prayer, He will answer us through the scriptures. i am so grateful for the scriptures and that just as Joseph smith found when he was looking for his answer in the scritures, "that the scriptures can penetrate the heart" and give us the answers we need to hear. 

wednesday we had the training with president and he talked a lot about how we can help our converts grow and help them with their progression. we cant just forget about them after they are baptized!! they still need help and we  need to be here for them as they continue to grow. 

as for the rest of the week.... we are still teaching the famillia altamirano and helping the husband learn more about the church and understand about the importance of the Book of Mormon and prayer. also we are working with quite a few less actives and converts. :)

As for the funny events that happened this week.. haha there were actually quite a few! 
- we were on these bus/vans that take us around the city where we work. they are literally like vans but they work as little buses around the city. so we're on the bus and there were these 2 little 4 year old girls and their mom in front of us. one of the little girls looks back at me and starts pointing at me like i'm some famous person and starts hitting her sister to get her to look at me. when the sister finally looks at me, the sister starts hitting her sister to took at me. well i'm not really sure what they were thinking. maybe they've never seen an american with my color of hair or what. but it was super cute and funny!!
- we literally froze when we were staying in the hotel that the temple has because it has air conditioning... we were soooo cold that night!!! maybe i'm becoming more ecuatorian... :)
-hermana quispe and i were REALLY tired this past week. really tired. on thursday when teaching a lesson, we were waiting for one of the daughters to finish eating her dinner to start the lesson. so while we waited the mom was showing us pictures of one of her 12 cats she has. well. i was trying soooo hard to stay awake. but i dont know what happened and my eyes closed for a brief 10 seconds and the daughter saw me and said "hey look the hermana is sleeping!" ah! i was like "no no im not! im awake!!" (just pondering!) wooh. it was hard this week to stay awake at times!!! haha!! :)

Well thanks for all your love and prayers. its so great to have support from family and friends like you! i really appreciate all you all do for me. i know this Church is true and that we have the Restored Gospel on the earth now. what a great blessing and opportunity we have! :) have a great week and know that Heavenly Father loves you and answers prayers.

les amo,
Hermana Warburton
at the temple

9 months!! :)

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