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Monday, May 23, 2016

Familias y El Libro de Mormon

Hola hola de la hermana en Ecuador! :) Cómo estan todos?? 

This week was a good one! we were able to teach quite a few families, investigatores, menos activos, and conversos recientes... and we even found some new great families! thats what i like a lot about this new sector, there are a lot of FAMILIES! so a lot of our teaching is focused on the importance of famililies and how the Gospel blesses famlies.

one of the new families we are working with is the familia altamirano. the wife is a member, but the husband is not. she is pregnant, and we found them at church, last week, because they both came, and he came for the first time with her! so we met with them 2 times this past week and he is interested, because he realized that parents need to work together and walk down the same path when raising a family! how great!! :)

also we had a noche de hogar-- family home evening with an active family and 2 investigator families yesterday. it went really well! that is how we do a lot of things here... we do lots of noches de hogares! because its a good way for the members to invite their friends (investigators and menos activos) to have a good family centered activity in the night! 

Well not a whole lot of funny things happened this week... i guess one of the funny things that happened is that i fell off the side of the sidewalk this week.. and so we have now named that spot "La Caida de Hermana Warburton"... "The Fall of Hermana Warburton" haha. i usually trip and can catch myself... (ninja).. but this time i couldnt and it was a little funny!! also the guardians of the gated communites are now our friends! so they almost always let us pass!! :) 

Oh also.. there was another earthquake this past wednesday at about 11am. we were in our missionary district meeting, and were talking, and all of the sudden we were like "i think this is an earthquake" all of us were unsure at first cause everyone is imagining earthquakes in their brains all the time!!!.. haha... but there really was another one! it was a 6.8 or something, we were fine, but again the people are on edge, because we dont know when another one will happen!

One thing that i was reminded of this week is the importance of the Book of Mormon. it is so important in our spiritual progression and testimony. we cannot live without it! the Book was written for US in our time RIGHT NOW. when the book of mormon was being written, the people werent reading the book, they hardly got to see it.. this book is for us now. it was written to give us counsel and guidance now. I know that this book can change lives, and can bring us close to Christ. Through The Book of Mormon, i have come to know my Savior, and know that this Church is true. Sé que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero y debemos leerlo cada día! :) Cuando hacemos eso, estaremos mas cerca de Dios. (I know the Book of Mormon is true and we should read it every day ! :) When we do that , we will be closer to God .)

les amo mucho!!
Hermana Warburton

our friend the iguana

and harry potter in espanol!! yep. there is this family that has almost all of them in spanish and its super cool!! :) ha hah i had to take a picture!!

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