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Monday, May 16, 2016

Barrio Primavera

Hola! Buenas tardes familia y amigos. :)

Wow. my first week in the new sector of Barrio Primavera... in Duran Norte. There are 4 missioneras that work in this sector, me and my companion and 2 other hermanas, because it is so big!! our ward has more than 400 members- the primary is about as big as my whole other ward!! :) haha! we work in the sector of La Joya and Plaza Madeira. Its a lot different than my other 2 sectors that i have been in!

First of all... you have to tell the guards at the gated communites the exact house you are going to visit. without the exact number, you cant pass. then the guards call the house to see if the family is home and if they want you to come in! if you get past all of this... finally you can enter!!! woot woot! .. oh ya. but sometimes i have to show my passport to enter too!! then we can enter and go visit the family, but we cant knock on doors or proselyte within the communites. last week we were looking for another house of a family inside of a community (after we had finished lunch) and we got in trouble by the guard becasue we went to more than 1 house than we had stated when we entered the gated community!! wow! its crazy!! 

This week we tried to get to know the ward a little bit better and meet with the menos activos, conversos recientes, and investigatores that we have. we are both new in this sector (hermana quispe only has like 3 weeks here) and the ward is so big, so we dont know everyone yet. so we worked meeting members and asking for references. we also did a lot of walking..... haha

but this week we had some cool experiences with menos activos and recien rescates. There are a lot of families in this sector, and so the family is VERY important to everyone here. this is one of the things i really like about this sector. most people have families. every family has their challenges, but thats whats great about the Gospel. it can help every family individually with what they need! 

What i learned this week is its NEVER too late to return to the Gospel and apply the Atonement in your life. no matter how terrible you feel, how long youve been away from the church, Jesus is ALWAYS waiting to take your hand and guide you back home. I know He loves us so much. He suffered for us so that we can repent and be better. the price was already paid. now its only our job to accept what He did for us, and change and be better. how blessed we are to have this gift in your lives!! :)

love you all lots!! gracias por todo. gracias por sus oraciones y palabras de apoyo! tengan una buena semana :)
(thanks for everything. thanks for your prayers and words of support ! Have a good week :))
les amo,
Hermana Warburton

yo y mi nueva companera.. hermana quispe de bolivia! :)

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