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Monday, June 6, 2016

Ejercito de Helaman y 2 Almuerzos

¡Buenas tardes!! ¿Como les van? Bienvenido a Junio!! :)

Hey everyone another week here in ecuador. we are now in the month of june, the middle of the year and i cant even believe it! im excited for this week becaue Elder Rasband is coming to speak to us! :) and i am singing as part of the combined mission choir, so we will be right up next to him!! wow!

This week was pretty normal... well teaching, and walking, and helping, and eating!! But it was good. we learned a lot as companions this week. we learned that it is crucial to listen to the Spirit!! especially in a sector like this, because if the person is not home, you basically have wasted your time, because you cant enter the gated community that you are at... so it is sooooo important to listen to the Spirit about where we need to go, and what we need to say to the people.

The week was full of visiting less actives, receint converts, and investigatores. it was good! we met with this cute mom and daugther, both named Sara Rodriguez. they are so sweet. they were so happy to receive us again in their homes and said that they were just waiting for us to pass by again. they are good, but they dont want to accept the compromiso de bautismo. so its a little hard... but they are so great and would be awesome members of the church!! :)

on tuesday we had 2 lunches. its actually a funny story. because this week started the new month of june. but tuesday was still may... so we were supposed to still have lunch with the family that we eat with in may.... but we thought the new june schedule had started so went to the new family that is going to give us food in june. well we show up at the house and no one is home! so we think.. oh well. ok we will just eat at the restaurant that is close by so we can get out and work. so we eat a lunch at the restaurant. then we go visit the family we have planned after lunch. and i just so happens to be the same family we usually eat lunch with on tuesdays for the month of may.... and guess what. they had been waiting for us with lunch all ready!! ah! and we couldnt say no! so we ate again!! wow! i was soooooo full! i thought i would burst!! hahahah! :) but well good think i like the food here!! :)

As part of the choir i am in for the coming of Elder Rasband we are singing Army of Helaman. i love this song! and to make it even better instead of saying "we will be the Lord`s missionaries to bring the world His truth" we are singing "we ARE NOW the Lord`s missionaries!" wow. when i sang those words i realized that all that time that i have been singing that song as a child, is who i am RIGHT now. i have been born as Nefi of old to goodly parents who love the Lord. I am so grateful to be here, and to be given the wonderful opportunity to bring the world His truth. I know this Gospel is true. i know when we follow the commandments and the words of the profetas we will be blessed and protected.

thanks for all your love and prayers. have a great week of summer!! :)

con amor,
Hermana Warburton
we went bowling as a zone today!! :

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