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Monday, June 20, 2016

Feliz Dìa del Padre y Caridad

Bueno. Entonces esta semana fue cambios otra vez... y yo todavía estoy en el mismo barrio, en Primavera... pero tengo una nueva compañera!! :)  Good. So this week was change again ... and I'm still in the same neighborhood in Spring ... but I have a new partner !! :)

So this week was transfers again... i know can you believe it, 6 weeks has gone by since the last transfer! And i am still in the same sector, in the same ward, but i have a new companion! Hermana Alvarez! :) She is from Peru, and has 6 months in the mission, and is super pilas! im really excited to work with her! we are actually "missionary family"haha because hermana childs was my "mom" (trainor) and hermana childs is her great-grandma... so i think that makes me her great aunt or something like that!! haha :)

But this week we have been working hard, and teaching, and walking, and eating! :) We worked really hard to contact more people this week, since we really needed new investigatores.. and we found some AWESOME new families!! :) im so excited to teach them. they are great! :)

This week we also visited with Manolo Altamirano (investigador) and his wife who is a member. he has sooooooo many questions. about EVERYTHING!! hahaha. but really. and he researched a lot about the church on the internet, so he has a ton of questions. but its fun. he is a good guy, and really wants to understand everything. this week we explained about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and why we need and have the Book of Mormon. as we showed him scriptures from the book of mormon and how he can receive an answer from himself, we are hoping that things are a little more clear in his mind now! but he is good and progressing!

i was also super happy yesterday when we came to church and found a menos activo familia that we have been working with sitting in sacrament meeting!! it was the first time for all of the daughters of the family in a long time! i was so happy!! wow. its times like this where all the hard work is worth it! when i see these people making changes in their lives its so great!! :)

Also this past week was hermana quispe`s birthday, so a couple of the ward members gave us cake, and were so nice! this ward really is great. there are so many people here who are so willing to help us and share with us, because they are just so full of love!

This week i was pondering on the importance of charity and love. and it is true.. without charity and love, we are nothing! that is why its so important to have charity. sometimes its really difficult to love others, but ive learned that when we stop focusing on ourselves, it sure makes it a lot easier to love others. That is something that Jesus Christ always did. He was always thinking about others. in everything He did. wow. how important it is to have love for others here in the mission field, so that we can show them how much Jesus Christ really loves them and cares about them. I was reading a few talks from the last conference and there was a lot about love and service. those are 2 of the qualities of Christ that are sometimes the hardest to develop. But the mission has sure helped me to develop those more. i am so grateful for the perfect example of Christ, and of His love for us. its incredible that His love is always there no matter what. we are never too far out of reach of His love, and He is just waiting for us to accept Him. Always remember that no matter how low we feel, how out of reach, Jesus Christ is always there, and He is never too far away to help.

Love you all lots!!! have a great week!! happy father`s day ayer (yesterday) to all the padres!! :)

con amor,
Hermana Warburton

our district

this cute new shirt i bought from a lady in our ward that makes clothes

                            . .ps... look how long my hair is getting!

                happy birthday to hermana quispe!

the bishop and his family and the happy birthday to hermana quispe

just the normal lunch... shrimp and rice... haha dad you would love it!!!!

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