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Monday, February 8, 2016

"What-e'er thou art, act well thy part"

Hola hola familia y amigos! Buenas tardes.. espero que tuvieran una buena semana con mucho felicidad y tranquilidad!

For me, this week we worked hard! But sometimes even when we work hard... success is not always knocking at our door... but i know its just outside and one day it will come in!

this week we had a lesson with Angel Valencia and his family. His son and wife are members (and have been for 18 years) and he has basically been investigating the church for 18 years and never been baptized! We showed him part of the Jose Smith profeta de la restuaracion movie and then talked about the importance of priesthood. We explained that we are the only church that has the authority and permission from God to baptize, and even Jesus Christ had to be baptized with this same authority. We bore testimony multiple times of the priesthood and the restoration... but he still would not accept a baptismal date... But we are praying that one day he will accept one! He knows jose smith was a profet and the church is true, but i think it is him that needs to decide that he wants to be baptized!

This week we also taught a group of young women who were menos activos and non members. we sang for them, i sang a couple of opera songs for them, and we all shared our talents. Then we talked about how much God loves each one of us and has blessesd us with an opportunity to better our lives and be the best we can. Each of us has a plan and we are super special to our Father in Heaven. it was so fun to teach them! It reminded me of Lindsey (cause they were her age) and also me when i was that age! The gospel was soooo important to me when i was younger. it was what really helped me through school and any problems i had! i have a testimony that when we trust in God, even when we are young, He will direct our paths for the good! He knows who we can become, and He will help us become those people we need to! :)

This past week was fast Sunday, so hermana childs and i started our fast with a prayer... and well the prayer hermana childs said was just a little long. and i was super tired... and i accidently fell asleep during her prayer!! i woke up like a minute after she was done and said "amen!! " ahh! oops! but it was a good prayer, and im so grateful for the opportunity we had to fast for our investigators this past week!

We are still teaching the familia Amalia and her daughters Karla and Sahiana and her nietos. Ah! they are so cute! and Amalia is so smart! Wow! She is probably about 60 years old, and she is super quick and reasonable. yesterday we explained about profets, the restoration, and jose smith, and asked her if she believed jose smith was a profeta. she said "Of course he was a profeta!! of course!!" haha! we were so suprised! she knew it, and had no doubt! :)

This week i got proposed to. So we stopped by the bakery that always gives us free bread this past week, and as we got up to the window, there was another customer buying bread there. When the owner saw us, he said to the customer, "Hey step aside! (and pointing at me) I want to marry that girl!! Ah!! And then we got 3 pieces of free bread...  hahaha! 

This week hermana childs had the stomach flu... so i had lots of time to read my scriptures and past conference talks. :) This week i read a talk from the april 2013 conference by Elaine S. Dalton called "We Are Daughters of Our Heavenly Father." it was amazing! Wow i highly suggest reading this talk, especially women. she talked about how important women are in the world, and that women have such a divine purpose in this life. We are each unique and different, but our part matters, because we matter.  I espeically loved a saying she repeated a couple of times that she had found when she was in scoltand. it says, "What-e'er thou art, act well thy part." Whoever we are, we all have a proposito y part to play in this life. Whatever it may be, we need to act well our part! we matter, and God trusts us to do our best, and when we remember this, i think we can realize that truly we can do anything, because God is on our side. What a great blessing we have to know that we are children of our Heavenly Father. He loves us, and wants us to have happiness. When we follow Him, follow the teachings of our Savior, we will find this happiness and fulfill our part in this life. I am so grateful for this plan of happiness and for my Savior Jesus Christ.

gracias por todo su amor y oraciones! les amo muchisimo!! tengan una buena semana! :)

les amo!
Hermana Warburton

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