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Monday, February 22, 2016

Training and Families

¡Feliz St Valentine! ¡Feliz dìa de amor y amisad!

Wow this week was cool! Everything got changed up because.... I am now training a new sister missionary!! :) I am training Hermana Vargas from Peru! She is 19 years old, and super sweet. Its such an adventure to be training a new missionary, and watching her experience her first days as a missionary.. which seems like it was just a week ago for me! :)

On monday and tuesday i was working with another hermana.. hermana dominguez in my sector until we both received our "daughters". We had some fun in our sector as we taught my investigators, and laughed as we watched one of our investigators feed her 2yr old grandson a huge bowl of soup, and just to have the little kid throw it all up! haha!

On Wednesday we went to the temple to do a session and receive our new companions! We arrived at the temple with president and hermana riggins and the 3 new missionaries (1 elder and 2 hermanas). right when we got there, president riggins told us who our new companions were... mine is hermana vargas! after we had breakfast, we did an endowment session at the temple. it was so beautiful! wow! Heavenly Father loves us so much, and every time i am in the temple i am reminded of this great love. How great it is to know that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father! after the temple we had training at president´s house all day... luckily we had some good food too! :)

Thursday was hermana vargas´ first day in the mission! :) We had a good day and were able to teach various amounts of people. It was fun to teach with a new companion, and help her learn the sector and investigators a little bit. We taught few families, and contacted many new people!

Amalia and her daughters are doing well! I just love this family! Amalia is so smart! :) i love teaching her, because she understands, and realizes the importance of the Gospel, and has a great love for Jesus Christ. and amalia is so sweet and gave me a compliment on the way that i teach! it made me feel so happy... that even though my spanish might not be the best, at least she is understanding! :)

Funny thing....Remember how i love "Good Luck Charlie" from disney channel.... haha so we were walking down the street yesterday, and i put a goal in my mind that i would contact a house, and that we would get a new investigator from this contact. So i started looking for any type of clues or things i could comment on so that i could start up a conversation with someone in the street. As we were walking i saw through a window that someone was watching "Good Luck Charlie"...just my favorite Disney Channel tv show!!! Perfect!! i thought. i will contact them! and i know it will be a family because this is a family/kid show! ... so i ring the door bell and this old old man comes to the door! i start to talk to him and he is a Jehovah Witness (which are not too good of friends with the Mormons here... ) and basically it was really awkward and we left after inviting him to the church... haha! it was not a family. just an old man watching disney channel!! :) haha!

Yesterday at chuch was the first time the ward got to meet my new companinon, and they all loved her! She is adorable! But.. normally we dont have to teach the Sunday School class of Gospel Principles... but i got informed the minute we walked into the class that the teacher was not there and the missionaries had to teach the class!... which really meant I would have to teach the class! ah! i had about 3 mintues to prepare the class on....The Law of Chastity!!!! 

But somehow, i was thankfully really calm. the class is full of investigators and recent converts, and they participated really well! Honestly a miracle happened. i was helped, and given the words to say.. and in spanish! i was able to teach the class in a way that the people understood and could feel the Spirit. I focused a lot on the family, and how the Law of Chastity helps us find happiness and peace within the family. I shared pictures of my own family and how much they mean to me! :) But my favorite part of the class was when i started talking about my mom and dad. I showed the class the picture i have of just my mom and dad, and explained what a great example they are to me. They are an example of the type of parents i want to be, and the type of parents that have found happiness by keep the commandments of God. I showed them the light that was in their faces, and how each of us can find this light when we are living the commandments of God. I will admit that i was getting a little choked up at this part of the lesson, and i look over to one of the investigators in the class, and he had tears streaming down his face! i felt so touched that the example of my parents had helped an investigator in my class feel the Spirit! :) Thank you mom and dad! :) you are changing the lives of people here and you dont even know it! :)

i love this Gospel! i know that it is true! I know that Christ is our Savior and loves us so much! We always have the chance to change and be better. This gospel is a gospel of hope and love! :) i am so grateful for the opportunity i have to share it with the people here!

les amo,
Hermana Warburton
Hermana Vargas' first day in the mission field

Me and my new companion

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