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Monday, February 29, 2016

Don de Lenguas y Investigadores

Hola! Buenas tardes familia y amigos! Una otra semana en Ecuador! :)

Another great week in Ecuador in Guayaquil with my cute little companion. She´s growing up so fast, we almost have 4 weeks together now! wow. where has the time gone? and i cant believe its been over 6 months since i left for my mission! :) wow. i am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be here and to share the gospel and be a missionary. thank you for all of your constant support and prayers.

This week we found some new investigators! One of them is named Michel. He is from Cuba and recently moved to ecuador to try and find a better job. he is probably about  27 years old and he is very Catholic. Well now most people here say they are Catholic... which means their parents were probably Catholic, but they dont actually ever visit the church. But this is not the case wit Michel. He was actually like an assistant to the pastor of his church and knows a lot about the Bible. Which means he has A TON of questions about everything!!! Sometimes im not sure how to even answer some of his questions... let alone his cuban accent is suuuppper hard to understand at times!! haha. but the neat thing is, he has come to church 2 times now, on his own will. we are not dragging him to church, but he comes by his own will, and says he finds peace in the church! At times its a little hard to teach him, but i have found that it doesnt matter who knows more about the Bible, its that we need to share our testimony with him, and then he can choose and find out for himself if this Church is true.

Another new investigator we found this week was named Paulette. She is so cute! she is 20ys old and we just contacted her as we were walking down the street. she let us come in and share a short message with her, and she accepted a day to be baptized! :) Wow! 

We are still preparing the Familia Amalia to be baptized and working hard with this great family! :) They constantly make me smile! this past week we were teaching the 8 year old Gabriel, and his mom, and Gabriel said the closing prayer... and during the prayer, his little 2 year old brother Andres smacked him in the head with water bottle HARD, so andres in turn received a hard smack by Gabriel... all during the middle of a prayer. Hermana Vargas and i could not contain our laughter!! 

Yesterday my companion and i both spoke in church... both of our first times speaking in church in the mission! (haha funny because i have 6 months and she has 3 weeks). We both talked about missionary work, and mine was about how we can hasten the work of salvation. I truly was helped, because i was able to give about a 10 minute talk in espanol! wow! :)

I know that God is in this work and that He has a plan for each of His children. i am so grateful to be part of this work, and helping to bring others to Christ. I had some neat gift of tongues experiences this past week, where i was able to speak Spanish easily and fluidly for several of the lessons. i know my spanish isnt perfect, but i had moments this past week, where spanish came so easily to me. i know its near impossible to learn a new language in less than 6 months. i have no doubt that i have been helped so much every step of the way to learn this language and to understand the people here. i am so grateful for the love that God has for me and for His children, and when we trust in Him, He will not let us fail, because He wants us to succeed. I love you all lots! thanks for everything you do! :) Cuidese mucho!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Warburton
me and my comp with carlita (miembro)and hermano chacon (our leader misional)

my TERRIBLE sunburn.... suuuuuppper bad ( i had an intercambio with hermana vasquez .. comp de hermana childs... friday and got this bad sunburn!!)  ...haha you can even see my watch sunburn line! hahah

me and my cute little companion, Hermana Vargas

me and my comp with paulette.. miembro that accompanies us to our visits

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