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Monday, December 7, 2015

La luz de Navidad

Hola familia y amigos! Feliz Navidad! (almost....) 

Another week in the great barrio of Semanes 1! I really do love this sector and this ward. Hermana Childs and I are having a fun time teaching and sharing this Gospel to the people here! 

We are still working with our investigator Joffre and his wife Katti. This week they were still not able to get their marriage papers done.. so no baptism this past week. But! This coming week they should be married and we should have a baptism! We are so excited for this great couple. They love the Gospel, and have such a desire to share it with others.

On Friday we did divisions with the Hermana Assitents to the President. We had a good day and were able to visit a lot of people. it was a little scary because i had to basically lead our sector, because i was with a hermana asistent and not with hermana childs.... and ive only had like 3 weeks in this sector! but i was able to find the houses, and it went really well and we didnt get lost! haha :) 

This week though i made some pretty funny spanish errors... 
-like i told hermana childs i was going to eat all her flesh.....
-------- So hermana childs told me that the meat we were eating for lunch was making her stomach upset... so i told her " yo voy a comer todo su carne".. which was " im going to eat all of your flesh"... oops! ( i was trying to say i would eat her meat at lunch for her... but it didnt translate exactly right)
-all the people here when you greet them you give them a kiss on the cheek. both males and females do this to each other. of course the sister missionaries only do it to the women. BUT some men dont know that about the missionaries. so its suuuppper awkward when the men dont know that and i basically have to run away from them...

But im having a great time here. The ecuadorian people are such a sweet, great people. im learning a lot from them!

Yesterday in the Christmas devotional, i really like David a bednar´s talk. i loved how he talked about Christ as the Light. Today in my personal study i was reading about the First Vision and Joseph Smith and was again reminded that Christ is the Light. because when Christ and Heavenly Father appeared to Joseph a pillar of light came upon him, with great glory and brightness. Christ literally is the Light. Admist darnkess and confusion, the Light that Christ is, always shines bright. Light will alway conquer darkness. Gracias a Jesucristo, we can have this light shining bright in our lives admist the darkness that surrounds us. :)

Gracias por todo! Les amo mucho y tengan un buen tiempo de Navidad! Lo mejor tiempo en el año! Gracias por sus oraciones y amor! 

les amo! :)
Hermana Warburton

p.s. picture is of me at the mall de sol in guayaquil... its HUGE!! even bigger than the last mall i went to!

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