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Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad y Nuevo Investigadores

Hola familia y amigos! FELIZ NAVIDAD! este semana es Navidad? Chèvere!

I cant believe that this week is Christmas.. it still feels like August when i left for my mission... maybe its because the temperature really hasnt changed since then! haha

This past week was my 11th week of training... and there are 12 weeks of training.. so im almost done! this week is my last week! this past week my goal was to take the initative in the teaching and planning situations. it was a little scary and hard, but a good experience too!

This week was full of new investigators and contacting. Hermana Childs and I found a new way we like to contact..  by singing Christmas Carols! the people love it, and it instantly bringings the Spirit to the situation. its amazing the power of song!

We found 3 new investigators this week through another investigator. Her name is Amalia. Amalia lives with her 2 daughters and grandchildren. Amalia comes to church often, but she is still not baptized, but wants her 8 year old grandchild to be baptized. The mom of this grandchild is named Karla. And karla wants her 8 year old child to go on a mission!! when we asked her why she wanted this and she said she thought it would be so good if he helped others learn about good things and about God. So we taught her that first he needs to be baptized, and she needs to be baptized too. And she accepted a bautismal date for january! :) her sister did as well!

we also had this woman yell to us and stop us as we were walking down the street yesterday. it caught us a little off gaurd, so we turned around and there was this woman named josselyn who had called us. she saw us walking and knew we were missionaries, and said she wanted to listen to us! she had been receiveing the lessons before a couple months ago when she lived in another area, and now that she was not having the lessons anymore, she felt like something was missing in her life. so.... we gave her a date for baptism!! :) yipee!!

it was crazy how we had investigators basically just appear this past week. I know that God is in this work, and there was no way this could have just happened by chance. He was there and is here every step of the way.

Also this week, i met a woman that is perfect. She has no sins. or so she told us! :) we were teaching a lesson about the attributes of God, and that God commands us to be clean and be baptized, even Jesus Christ was baptized and he had no sins. So as we explained about this, the investigator said "I dont have any sins." what? good thing hermana childs was there to help me out, cause i didnt really know what to say to that one!! :) hahaha 

This week also i ate 2 whole fish! one of the fish had thier head still attached when i ate it!! woah! thats a first! :) but luckily i didnt have to eat the head...

i hope you all have a great week of Christmas! one of the greatest weeks in all the year i think! :) admist everything, dont forget to take a step back and remeber the true meaning of Christmas, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Gracias a Jesucristo, we can have hope in this world and in the life to come. This week in my studies (cause we study a lot... ) I really realized that God loves us so much, and has given us so many chances in life. He loves us enough to give us agency. And then He gives us great tools so that we are not lost. He gives us commandments so that we can uses our agency wisely and choose the right. He gives us scriptures, prophets, parents, leaders to help us make the right choices. But we are not perfect, and He knows we often wont obey exactly what He says. So He has given us the Atonement. Which is an infinite atonement. We can repent any and every day, and get on the path of righteousness again. And the commandments, and words of the prophets are always there to guide us again. Not to mention the great power of prayer that is always there, so we can communicate with our Father in Heaven everyday. Wow im so greatful for the love of God, and that He loved us enough so He sent His Son for us. :) 

Tengan un buen Navidad. Les amo mucho y espero que ustedes tengan un semana excelente! Feliz Navidad! Bendiciones! 

les amo,
Hermana Warburton

ps the picture is my zone here

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