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Monday, November 30, 2015

Feliz día de Gracias... and FOOD!

Feliz día de Gracias!!
This week was great! I had a lot of fun experiences with fun people and lots of yummy new food! 

On Monday for p-day hermana childs and i went to the san marino mall in guayaquil.... and its HUGE!!! it so big!! i felt like i was back in the USA! it was all decorated with Christmas decorations and a great big Christmas tree. there was even a dunkin donuts and i ate a donut for the first time in a while... and hermana childs had a donut for the first time in over a year!! hahah!

Tuesday we had our usual zone and district meeting with the other missionaries and hermana childs and i had a practice in front of our district. we have practices every week and i always get soooo nervous! but this week they said our practice for contacting people on the street was almost perfect! they didnt even give us anything to work on! i think that gave us great confidence for the rest of the day... 

because tuesday we had a great day of finding new people to teach. it was our day of "service teaching" because we helped people paint, and move into their houses and by doing so we were able to share our message of Jesus Christ. Also it was really neat because one of the families said that they liked talking to us, because we were different. they had never really talked to people like us before and they felt good and different talking to us. how neat is that? truly the Spirit touched them even in the simplest of ways.

On Thursday was Thanksgiving... and it was so fun! we had a super cute family- Family Olia- in our ward (our mision leader of the ward) cook us thanksgiving dinner. they cooked a turkey and salad and we helped them make mashed potatoes. they were so cute the whole time because they kept asking us what we do next and how thanksgiving is supposed to be run. :) and when they tried the mashed potatoes they didnt even really like them (but of course hermana childs and i were living on a cloud!!). Then we went around the table and shared what we were grateful for and it was such a neat experience. I felt so much love from these people and this great family! I am so grateful for these great people here in Ecuador! They are so sweet and have such great hearts!!

This week i tried some pretty amazing foods... yep i now understand why people go home with a little extra pounds from this mission. (well its either extra or they lose a lot of weight because of paracites... haha)!! This week the family olia also gave us pizza!! (i about cried with happiness) i also tried: 
- chococakes (they are like cosmic brownies meets hostess cupcakes)
- ceviche (shrimp soup with an amazing flavor)
- camaron (crab!!)
- this delicious cinammon pound cake
- the fruit! mangos, papaya, pineapple, grapefuit.. and more!
all in all my week of food was pretty tasty! :)

Im so grateful for this week in my mission. We have been a little low in investigators to teach this week, but we have learned a lot and received a lot of support from our investigators and converso recientes. With Christmas around the corner, we are getting super excited to share with people the message of Jesus Christ and His birth! Because truly we have all been eternally blessed with the birth of Jesus Christ. He is the Prince of Peace and the Savior of the World. Gracias a Jesucristo we can feel peace and live with Him again. I invite all of you to watch the new Christmas video on discovering why Jesus was born on (or! It is such a neat video! i invite you all to watch the video and share it with friends, family, and everyone! Because this Christmas season is so special, and its my favorite time of year!! :) Everyone deserves to know why this season is so special! 

Les amo mucho! Tengan un buen semana! Averigua por qué nacío Jesucristo! #HaNacidoUnSalvador

Hermana Warburton
Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Mashed potatoes

San Marino Shopping Mall

Dunkin Donuts

Megan and a papaya 
Megan's house; study area

Megan's house; living room

Megan's house; kitchen

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