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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hola! Semana 3. Rededication of the Mexico City Temple.

Another week at the CCM! its crazy how fast this week seemed to go by! the days are way long, but the weeks are short... Time is a crazy thing in the CCM!

This past week we had some neat things happen in Mexico!!

We got to be a part of the rededication of the Mexico City Temple!!
On saturday we watched the cultrual celebration broadcasted for us here in the ccm. it was really fun!! they had these cool dance numbers with beautiful costumes and i loved it all! even though it was all in spanish, i was able to understand the main idea of the show, and what was said!!

On Sunday was the rededication of the Mexico City Temple! We got to watch the rededication and it was a neat experience. at times it was a little hard with the language barrier, but that is also what made the experience so neat! President Eyring and Elder Holland were at the dedication.

Then today we got to go do an Endowment Session in the Temple!! The first session for missionaries since it was reopened!! it was so neat. the temple is soooooo beautiful!! i loved it. i am always amazed at how much peace and love i feel when i am in the temple. it truly is a Holy Place on earth. no matter if it is the Bountiful Temple, or the Mexico City temple (in the middle of the super large and busy temple) there is such a great peace and comfort felt in the temple.

It was also great to get out of the ccm for a while. i like the ccm... but i havent seen real life and people for a long time (or it seems like it) So it was fun to see the city!! the city is so big and so busy. the roads are... well lets just say im glad im still alive! and there are so many buildings and people everywhere. it was fun to see just a little glimpse of the city! and it was fun to see flags and mexican pride everywhere, because tomorrow is mexican independence day!!

This week we had our first trc... which is teaching REAL people! not our teachers. they are volunteers from mexico city and they could be members, less actives, or actually investigators!! ah! but it was sooo good. we taught this woman named Gloria, and she was so sweet. She was a member, and has been for over 20 years. she was kind and talked really slowly so we could understand most of what she was saying. she actually ended up teaching ME more than i probably taught her. Her testimony of the Savior was so strong and inspiring. She reminded me a lot of Grandma Buck!!

This week again we talked about praying and my teacher said this neat statement on prayer. She compared it to Peter who went back to fishing after Christs death, but after Christ appeared to the apostles again while they were fishing He commanded them to feed my sheep. So then they left fishing and became apostles teaching the Gospel. So.. How do we pray? Do we pray like fishermen or like apostles? Great question for us all to think about!

Thats about it! The ccm is going well and i am learning new things each day. i think little by little i am picking up the language, but i am in now way doing that alone. I am constatly being helped from above. gracias for all of your love and support!!

Les amo,
Hermana Warburton

PS it is mexico independece day tomorrow... so it will be crazy loud for the next few days.. it is already super super loud with these bombs/fireworks going off often. But its fun! 

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