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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another exciting and busy week at the CCM! Here in Mexico... it rains A LOT!!


This week has been another exciting and busy week at the CCM!
Here in Mexico... it rains  A LOT!! So much rain. One second it will be beautiful and sunny, and the next it will be pouring rain and the ground and everything turns into a lake! Its crazy! But im sure you will be surprised to know that i actually get cold here! yes its true! i thought i would be dying of heat and humidity, but in mexico it gets pretty chilly at night and in the morning. or so i think so. but ya know me... im always cold!! :)

My favorite part of meeting a Latino here at the CCM is when they have to say my name. They just stare at my name tag and get this worried look on their face. I usually have them try to say it first without me helping, because they usually always get it right. They always say "Warburton? Es dificil!" But its actually not that hard. I mean try saying... and remembering... some of their names its way hard!! But when people find out my first name is Megan, they always say i look like a Megan.. so good job mom and dad for naming me a good name!! 

On Saturdays its a party in mexico city!! There is karaoke night, and bombs or fireworks or whatever they are all night long. its crazy! but of course the missionaries dont participate in it. The funny thing is we cant see any of it!! The walls are so high and the bushes around them high too, that we cant see anything we can only here it! i feel like we are in the hunger games or something! haha!

I always have to share about the food... this week we had these taco things with instant mashed potatoes and this cheese sauce.. it was different to say the least. Lunches are the best meal! And they really do have Costco pizza night on tuesday nights! so tuesdays are like the best days because i can email, take a nap, and eat costco pizza!! woot woot!!

But Sundays are also great days! We have church and a devotional, and watch a movie. This week we had a big focus in relief society about the family a proclamation to the world. it was a great lesson. there are soooo many scriptures that support what the proclamation to the world says. What a great document!! We had the devotional from Richard G Scott from a devotional he gave in april of 2013 to the provo mtc. it was about prayer and it was awesome! i suggest watching it! He talked about how important prayer is, and that we need not rush through prayer, but take it as a gift and a privilege! its great to know that we can always talk to our Father in Heaven. We dont need an appointment. He will listen anytime. We are never alone! im so grateful for prayer. here as missionaries we pray all the time all day!! before each study session, planning session, lesson and so on. Prayer is great! We also watched the movie Meet the Mormons Sunday night, which was great as always! it was crazy seeing the way missionary work can really change peoples lives.

So our first investigator i talked about last week, giovanni, is now our teacher in the afternoon! we still have hermana arnaud, but we also have hermano osorio in the afternoon. and now we have new "investigators!... which are actually our teachers.. but they have different names when they are the investigators and the investigators were or are real people with real stories. so its cool. 

i think my spanish is getting progressively better! sometimes i feel like i helped teach the lesson and could say a lot!! but sometimes i am totally lost.. but for the most part i can understand what people are saying... as long as they talk slowly!! what am i gonna do when they actually talk normal speed. ah!!

Oh.. so i got in trouble this past week... me and the other hermanas in our district were studying outside during personal study time. i was on a bench, with my shoes off, but i was studying like crazy! the other hermanas were laying down on the steps by where i was. it was all good and peaceful. and then... i saw a teacher come out and i knew it was bad. The other hermanas looked like they were kind of sleeping.. or we could say pondering.. .and she made us all come by her and tell her who we were and then got in trouble. Apparently no more studying outside for us. and dont take your shoes off when you study... not good not good. I mean it was all kind of funny cause we didnt think it would be a problem... but it kinda was.. oh well!!

Well thats about it! i hope all is going well with everyone! I love you all! Always remember that somos hijos de Dios, and He loves you things will work out great! 

Les amo,
Hermana Warburton

PS Every Sunday we sing Onward Christian Soldiers, and it makes me think of Little House on the Prairie every time!! haha!!

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