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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

¡Hola familia y amigos! It's crazy to think that I only have 2 weeks left!!

¡Hola familia y amigos! ¿Cómo están?

This week was just another week at the mexico ccm!! the weeks tend to blur together now, and its crazy to think that i only have about 2 weeks left!! ah! do i know español.... well i guess i will just have to find out. but here is a hint... when i talk to the native Latinos in the lunch room, they laugh... haha so im getting there!!

Last Tuesday I got to sing a solo for the Tuesday night devotional with the choir! i sang the verse part of "Te necessito si" (I Need Thee Every Hour). And it went really well! It was fun to sing again! Ive missed singing, and crazy enough I've also missed practicing! I never thought i would get to the day where i would miss my practice room! So it was good to sing again!

This Wednesday we welcomed in 2 new districts into zone 12! It was fun to get 4 new hermanas that are so cute and fun! our district gets to help welcome the new missionaries and help them do all the orientation things that they do when they first arrive at the ccm! it is one of my favorite parts of the week! and even though it was POURING rain that night, it was still fun to help the hermanas find their casas and feel welcome! it was also fun that there was a girl from Bountiful High that i graduated with that i got to help this week!! its so fun to see a face from home!! :)

On Thursday we had our 2nd TRC (where we teach real people from mexico city) and woah. it was hard!! the first man we taught spoke spanish soooo fast!! i probably understood about 10% of the whole conversation. I just kept saying "sí" or " que bueno" hoping that those were the right answers! And i did make a funny spanish mistake. The man we were teaching had a son that was 12 years old. And so i wanted to say that i have a brother that is 12 years old too! So i said " Yo tengo un hombre que es doce años." And the man just kinda looked at me a little confused and we moved on. Well when i said it, i didn't realize my mistake. but after the lesson, i realized i said "i have a MAN that is 12 years old" .... not a brother! hombre means man and hermano means brother!! Haha! He probably had no idea what i was talking about! oh well!! It was hard but good practice for when i will need to speak spanish all the time. We then taught another girl who was 19 years old like us, and she was A LOT easier to understand! she spoke slower and helped us when we couldnt' say what we wanted in spanish! I told her i was a vocal performance major, and so i sang for her at the end of the lesson! she said her favorite song is Called To Serve, so i sang that in English, because i dont have the Spanish version memorized! (and by the way the spanish version has 4 verses, not 2). 

On Sunday lots of new things happened! I had to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting! In spanish!! But it went really well. It was about Faith in Jesus Christ. So it wasn't too hard. I remember thinking before i left that i would never be able to give a talk in spanish, but i did! How the talks work here is that you don't know if you are giving a talk until they announce the speakers in sacrament meeting, about 10 seconds before you actually have to get up there and speak! So it is a little scary, and you always have to be prepared with a talk! Cause you never know if you will get chosen! 

Also on Sunday Hermana Johnson and I were called as the new Sister Training Leaders of our zone!! we are now the oldest district, and so we were called as leaders! so we just basically check up and work with the hermanas in our zone! im excited and grateful for this new assignment!

Yesterday a Latino elder came up to me and translated my last name.... so in español my last name is "guerra-burton" because guerra is war in spanish. the Latino elders thought it was pretty funny! they also all laugh when i tell them im from utah, because every person is almost from utah!

Love you all and i hope everyone is doing well!! Thanks for all your love and support! :)

Les amo,
Hermana Warburton

PS- Another funny thing this week. This week i went in to weigh myself.. and the scale in the Reception office said "overload"!! ah! I think i better stop eating all of those Chokis (like chips ahoy cookies) and krispy kreme donuts..... hahaha!! 

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