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Monday, February 20, 2017

Mi Misión en Ecuador

Hola! Buenas tardes de la misionera en Ecuador! :)

Wow how time sure flies by! I cant believe that this is my last week as a missonary and representative of Jesus Christ. Wow. it seems like just yesterday i was in my training as a new missionary. It has been a wonderful experience that i will treasure for my whole life.

This past week we had a great week. I have been so blessed these past few weeks of my mission with so much happiness and miracles. This week we went to the temple and had my last zone conference. It was great! How i love the temple, and it was my last time going to the temple as a missionary here in Guayaquil. Wow. i have had so many great expereinces and memories in this temple here in Ecuador. I know that the temple is the House of God, and that God knows us personally and loves us. 
On Wednesday Mercedes had her baptsimal interview. i was so happy when she got to the church, early, and ready for her interveiw!! :) she was so happy as well after and is so excited for her baptism this coming saturday!
On Saturday we were able to do service at Mercede`s house, and help her bag the sand that she has in front of her house so that she doesnt lose all the sand when the rain comes and floods where she lives. We had the help of the Elders in our distict, and we had a good morning helping Mercedes. She was so happy with the help as well! The sun was suuuuper hot and bright that day, and almost all of us got sunburned!! haha!! .)

Wow. I cant believe my time as a full time missionary has come to an end. I am so grateful for the opportunity i have had to serve the people here in Ecuador. The mission is nothing like i thought it would be. My mission has had its ups and downs, but has always always brought me joy. The misison is not easy, but nowhere in the scriptures does it say that life is easy. In 2 Nephi 31:10 when Jesus says ¨Seguidme¨(Follow me), it does not say that it will be easy. But it does say that it will be rewarding, and that we will find more joy and happiness in His path than in whatever other path we choose. It is the only path that leads us to everlasting life and eternal happiness, some this happiness i have experienced here on my mission!

Througout this path on my mission i have learned SO much. i have been helped and strenghtened through great companions. I have learned so much from each of them, and each of them has helped me in my conversion. each companion i know has been inspired by God. Each ward that i have had the opportunty to serve in has been such a blessing. the members here are amazing. the investigators and conversos are also such special children of God. I feel so grateful for the opportuntiy i have had to serve next to such great leaders, members, and companions.

My mission has taught me that there are MANY ways to share the Gospel! Whether it be through talking, contacting, singing, firesides, service, or another way, i know that we can help and touch other peoples hearts through the Spirit. The Holy Ghost is the true teacher in all the teaching that i do, and i have seen this so many times in my mission. How important it is to teach and always have the Spirit with us!

I know that conversion is a process, a process that lasts a a lifetime. How grateful i am to have been able to see other people convert to the Gospel and find joy in repentace and the Savior. i have seen how people can change their lives through the Atonement of Christ. How people have come unto Christ and found the happiness that they have been looking for. I have found happiness as i have also tried to be more Christ like. It is the only happiness that is real.

Throughout my mission i have come to know better my Heavenly Father. I know that He is my loving Heavenly Father, He lives and has a plan for each of His children that is perfect. I have seen many times in my mission the great power of prayer. I know that Heavnenly Father listens to my prayers. He answers my prayers. i know for a surety that He listens and cares about each one of us. His love is real. I have learned that as we are obedient to His commanments, He will bless us, every time.

I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I know He lives, and I love Him. His Atonement has helped me so much on my mission to be better and improve. It has given me the strength i have needed. But not only has it changed me, it has changed many lives of the peop'le here. I have seen its power in the lives of the people i have taught. I have come to understand more of the Savior`s love. I know that He is the perfect example for each one of us. He loves us. He knows each one of us personally. He is the perfect example of charity, and i feel more than honored to have been His representative here in Ecuador.

I know that this is Christ´s true Church that has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I love sharing the First Vision with the people here, and I love feel the Spirit witness of the truthfullness of this event. I love the Book of Mormon, I know that it comes from God. It has helped me so much to know more about my Savior, and know how to help others with the dificultades that they are going through. I feel so grateful for my testimony of this Book and how it has grown on my mision.

I love this Gospel, I love my Savior, and i love being missionary. I know that as we follow Christ, and follow His invitation in 2 Nephi 31:10 we will find happiness and joy for this life and in the life to come. Thank you for all of your support during my mission! :) Thank you thank you!! :) Cant wait to see you all soon! Have a great week!! :)

con amor,
Hermana Warburton

Alma 7:11-12
Alma 34:9-10
Mosiah 2:22


service at mercedes house with our district

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