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Monday, February 13, 2017

El Amor del Salvador

Buenas tardes!!! ¡¿Cómo están?! ¡Feliz día de amor y amistad! :)

Wow. another week has come and gone. i cant believe how fast this week went by. wow! I hope you all had a great week and were able to feel the Savior´s love, i know that i sure felt His love this week!

This week we started the week off visiting the familia Vera, and talking about families with them. it was awesome. they are such a cute family, working so hard to have a good strong family. Alexandra is reading her Book of Mormon, and is such a great investigator to teach. She is wonderful!

On Tuesday we had a small division with the hnas de Porvenir for a little more than an hour in their sector to help them find a few new families to teach. That day we also were able to visit a new family we found in our sector- la familia perez. They are a part member family and really great! the hno is awesome, and has lots of questions for us, which is good!! 

Wednesday... that day we truly were able to see God´s love for us as His missionaries. We were walking for a while, and NO ONE wanted to let us in. they were either busy, had no time, weren´t home, or just didnt want to let us in. We were a little discouraged, and after we had knocked the last door (the second time we had passed for that house), as we were walking away, we heard someone call to us! it was Alexandra Vera, and she said we could come and share something with her for a moment! we were so happy!! wow. i was amazed! we read the Book of Mormon with her, and i felt so grateful for this expression of love from Heavenly Father and hna vera. ... then after that we saw another miracle when we found a new family to teach! a good family, who even said that would come to church Sunday! although the day started off a little hard, Heavenly Father blessed us for our diligence and work! I felt so grateful for the mercy and love of my Heavenly Father.

Thursday we visited Mercedes (investigador) with the pres of relief socitety - johana. it went so well! johana was amazing, and shared such a great testimony, and knew what Mercedes needed to hear in that moment to help her! Mercedes is such a great daughter of God. She is working so hard to be obedient and change her life. Even with her trials she works hard, and i have had such joy in teaching her. We have been blessed as missionaries to know how to help her and what to share to help her. 
Also that day... we had a great "adventure" in the mud... we were going to visit an invesitagor that lives a little far away, and out in the middle of a tun of mud and plants and basically swamps. well... i about lost my shoes MANY times, and my comp and i were laughing the whole way at the whole situation... our shoes were covered in mud by the end. and when we finally got to the house, the family wasnt home!!! hahaha! 

On Saturday there was a TON of sun.. all day long.... but we were able to visit Rocio, with a member that is a recient convert and it was so special hearing her share her testimony to the investigator, and how the Spirit testified of the changes that have come into her life as she has followed the example of Jesus Christ. We also visited Mercedes that night, and shared with her the Josesph Smith movie, and our ward mission leader was there as well with his wife. it was a good day!!

This week was great and tiring. But i love being a missionary and love seeing how much God loves each of His children. I have learned so much this past week about the importance of agency and how we use our agency. it is a great gift that we are all given, but we need to learn how to use our agency wisely, because when we do, that is when we can see countless blessings come into our lives. I know its true. Ive see the light in peoples eyes as they have come unto Christ and made changes in their lives. How great is the plan of God! His love is infinite. Christ´s love is infinite. The greatest act of His love was the Atonement, that has made it possible for us to find the happiness and joy in this life and in the life to come. I know that as we share with others this great love, that they will find the things that they need in their lives. 

Have a great week! Love you all lots!
con amor,
Hermana Warburton
eating empanadas p day}

       the food the fam pazmiño gave us!

cake for my comps birthday (that was a month ago...)

the mud on my shoes!!

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