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Monday, July 18, 2016

La Expiacón y Lecciones

Buenas tardes!! Bueno....
This week was another great week here in ecuador!! :) Teaching and sharing the Gospel! - which i love to do! 

We visited the familia nunez this week.. they are awesome!! what a great family! their sobrino left on his mission this week, and so they were a little sad, but also really happy for him. they are such a great family and i know they are working so hard to stay active and go to church to make him proud. they came to church again this week, and as always thats always one of the highlights of my week! :) this family is so kind and so strong. they have been through a lot, and i admire their strength and dilligence! ... and they are always so sweet and give us delicious food!! :)

Also we had a couple of good lessons with carolina this week, helping her get ready for her bautismo. :) we are so excited, but her family is more excited!! theyve been waiting for this day for a while!! i know her going to church, going to seminary, and reading and praying have helped A LOT with her conversion. doing the small little things are really the things that strenghten our faith. because faith does not increase by accident, but by choice!! :)

This week we had interviews with President and his wife as well! Its always great to talk with President and listen to his council and advice. 

I dont know whats happening here with the weather in ecuador, but its actually been a little bit cooler this past week!! i couldnt believe it!! at night ive actually said "wow... tan fresco!!".. i dont know if its the climate, or maybe im just adapting to the heat! :) hahaha but whatever it is... its super great!

Well thats about it for this week!! another week in ecuador with this great people! wow. i love being here, and i am so grateful for the people i get to teach. each day is different, and i know there is always a miracle if we really look for it. Its amazing how this Gospel is for everyone and can help everyone with thier own personal problems and needs. Jesus Christ is able to heal us phyiscally, but also spiritually. He really is our Savior, and we can only be come sanctified through Him. I am so grateful for the Atonement and for this great act of love. 

Tengan una buena semana!! Les amo mucho! :)

con amor,
Hermana Warburton

me and my companion... haha im kinda cut out of the picture... but haha shes so funny! i just love her!! 

the beautiful sunset!! :)

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