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Monday, April 25, 2016

Me Encanta Ver el Templo

Hola cómo están?! todo esta bien en ecuador conmigo! :) estoy trabajando y predicando la palabra de Dios con los hijos de Dios en Samanaes 1.  (Hello how are you?! all is well in Ecuador with me! :) I'm working and preaching the word of God with the children of God in Samanaes 1.)

Another week come and gone. Thanks everyone for your love and concern for me and ecuador after the earthquake. all is well here, and we are busy doing service and humanitarian work to help the people who were more affected in the areas of manta and esmereldas in ecaudor. 

This week we had a fun surprise and were able to go to the temple with our ward and 2 converts... Amalia Beltran and Michel Cirrandy!!! :) ok it was awesome!!! i talked with amalia before she went inside the temple and when she realized that she would be helping someone recieve thier salvation that has died, she was so excited! When we were in the temple and seeing my 2 converts in white, it was such a special moment for me. Watching them progress and feel the Spirit was awesome! After Amalia did baptisms for the dead i asked her how she felt, and she said she felt great! i was a little worried for her, because she has problems with her knees, and i was worried about her bending 6 times, but she didnt even have a problem or say anything about that. she said she would do baptisms as many times as need to help those that have died be baptized. :) she is such a sweet lady and i am so grateful to know her. i love her a lot! :)

This week we also did service and went around the ward asking for donations and informing the people about 72 hr backpacks and emergency safety tips. it was cool to be able to help the nation wide effort of service in ecuador. :)

This week i also had an intercambio with the lideressa in my zone, hermana koster. she is from california, and actually we both had hermana valiente for trainer in quevedo! :) so it was fun to talk about the ward in quevedo and teach with her for a day. i went and taught in her ward friday, and learned a lot from her. she is a great teacher, and she has a lot of love for the people. she uses great examples when she teaches, which i want to apply more in my teachings. 

this week was also week 11 for hermana vargas.. week 11 of 12 weeks of training... shes almost done! this week her goal was to take the initative in all aspects of teaching and planning, and she did great! i am proud of her and the progress she has made as a missionary. she is doing such a great job and will be an amazing leader in the mission! :)

Thats about it for this week! :) I am so grateful to be here in ecuador serving a mission. seeing my converts in the temple makes every hard day, every rejection worth it. seeing them feel the Spirit, and wathching their testimonies grow is something that i almost cant even explain. it is so beautiful, and i feel so grateful to be able to watch this in people. i know that God lives and loves us. He sent His Son to earth for us, and His plans are perfect. He will guide us and give us light even in the darkest of times. :)
love you all! :) thanks for all your prayers for ecuador! have a great week, and remember that you are loved :) Juan 3:16-17

les amo,
Hermana Warburton

me, amalia, michel, hno chacon (lider misional), eva garcia, mariana 

me, amalia, hna vargas

arroz $0... (rice $0).. maybe this is why we eat so much rice.... ??? jajaja

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