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Monday, April 11, 2016

Conversos y Familias

¡Buenas tardes a todos! :) ¿Que tal?

hola hola! another week in ecuador has come and gone! wow! sometimes the weeks seem to fly by and i dont even know what happed with the time!

This week was a pretty normal week of contacting and visitng people- investigators, less actives, and recent converts! we contacted a few new families and hope that they progress and want to learn more! :)

This Sunday we had some cool experiences. One of the new families we are teaching is a single mom and her 4 sons. we taught them saturday night and invited them to church the next morning at 8am, and they agreed to go... even the little kids, ages 13, 11, and 9. So the next morning we go pass by their house at 7:35am to help them walk to church. Jesus, the son that has 13 yrs old answers the door, all up and ready to go! he says he woke up all his brothers and they were just about ready to go. but his mom was still sleeping and couldnt go. but he wanted to go! so he and his 3 other brothers went to church. for all 3 hours! and they were all very reverent and participated! i was so surprised and amazed at them. when we had to leave church when it was over, one of the boys wanted to take the hymn book home with him because he liked it so much! i asked Jesus (13yrs) what he learned, and he told me the whole jose smith story! i was so impressed with this little boy! This boy taught me a great lesson. that truly anyone can be an example for your family, no importa que edad tiene. this boy wanted to go to church, whether or not his mom did, and he was a great example to me!

also amalia (recent convert) shared her testimony during testimony meeting yesterday! wow! i felt like one proud mom watching her up there sharing her testimony. she shared her testimony of the book of mormon (which she didnt have a strong testimony of before) and how the book of mormon helped her when she was going to have her heart exam. it was amazing to hear her say that she knew that this church is true, and that the book of mormon is true! i was so happy for her. watching her in that moment tell everyone in the room, with such conviction that these things are true i felt so much joy! i really realized that this is what missionary work is all about. helping others come unto Christ, and helping them find happiness and peace in this life.

This week we also had interviews with presidente riggins this past week. its good to talk to president, and hear his council and advice. i learned a lot from him. he helped me realize that at times we cannot see our own progress in the moment. but when we look back 1 or 2 years, or even months, we can see how weve changed. how things we used to think were good, have turned into things we are doing now that are better! we can always be better through Jesus Christ.

ok.. and as usual for my language mishap this week.....
so this past week we were in missionary coordination meeting with our lider misional and a sister from the ward. i was telling her about one of the investigators and her progress, and our lider missional started laughing at something i said and the way i said it. i was like what? and he just was like "well your gringa accent is funny!"... oh boy. my red hair and temper came out in that moment. does he think i am trying to have a gringa (USA) accent?? it think not!! haha. ok well, i almost told him to try speaking in english 24/7 to perfect english speakers, but decided to hold my temper in. but that only caused my face to go bright red, and then everyone lauged at my bright red face.... so ya. that was coordination misional this past week for me.... hahahah :)

well i love you all lots! i know this is the true church. this past week i read a lot, and learned alot about the importance of the home and church. in the home we can learn more about Jesus Christ, and it is really where we become the person we are. I, being raised in the church, was taught and converted by missionaries in my house- my parents. how important the role of every member in the families is. parents, children, grandparents, and so on. a home centered on Christ is a home full of the Spirit and love. i have learned this as i have seen different homes and circumstances here, and know that this Gospel can change not only individuals but families!

les amo,
Hermana Warburton

the little boys that came to church Sunday

a typical lunch here in ecuador...

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