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Monday, October 10, 2016

La Expiación y La Restauración

Buenas tardes! :)

This week we stared off with a great noche de hogar with a family and their cousins that are not members. it was great, and it actually reminded me a lot of the family home evenings i used to do at my house. it was a great way to meet new potential investiagores! 

We also were able to see sooooo many miracles this week. i feel so blessed and grateful to have truly seen the Hand of God in this work this week. this week we passed by a house that we usually pass by and the family isnt there. the wife is not a member but the husband is, but we have never had the chance to visit the wife. but this week... we finally visited and met the wife, named Carolina, and she is soooo great!! :) she was so friendly and so willing to listen to our message. when we taught her about the Restoration and Jose Smith, she said she felt in that moment like she wanted to cry... she was feeling the Spirit! it was incredible! i was reminded of the GREAT importance it is to testify and teach about Jose Smith. As we were reminded of at conference with one of the talks, about the great imporant role that he played to restore the Church to the earth again. As Carolina heard that she felt the Spirit and realized that she was like Jose Smith in a lot of ways, and wants to know the truth, and can find the truth through prayer to our Heavenly Father.

On friday we visited a rescate, and found that she needed a lot of help in her house. as a mom, she has lots of things to do, and her husband is sick... so we had the opportunity to prestar servicio, and help her clean her kitchen. that was so great, and i was reminded of the great work that mothers do each day. they do so much, and are always so willing and ready to help. Thanks mom for all you do! :)

On saturday we had an intercambio with the hermana lideres and i stayed in my sector with hermana osei bahma (from utah). we had a good time together, and i was able to learn a lot about contacting people, the importance of sharing personal stories, and sharing your talents. we had a fun time singing to the people we met on the street! one time we even had a little bit of a crowd watching us as we sang! :) i love singing, and i was yet again reminded of the great importance of music, and how music can invite the Spirit! :)

this week was a good week! :) i am so grateful that i can be a missionary here in ecuador! i love it here! i love the people and i love sharing the Gospel. and i especially love seeing how the Atonement can change lives. it changes people and families. it changes attitudes and it helps us have hope. wow. it was incredible to see that this past week with a family. how the Atonement can unite families, and let us be happy! :) I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He loves us. He can heal us physically and spiritually. The miracles that He performed when He was here on earth were amazing, and we can still see miracles now, according to our faith! :) i know miracles exist! 

have a great week! love you all! 
con amor,
Hermana Warburton

She also forwarded this to us (Translation is after):

From: Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission <>
Date: 2016-10-04 15:43 GMT-05:00
Subject: Fecha de relevo

Querido(a) Élder o Hermana,

                Estamos haciendo unos planes para este año y queremos confirmar la fecha en la cual usted terminará su misión y regresará a casa. Actualmente, su fecha de relevo está programada para el 28 de febrero, 2017.

                Si es que hay alguna circunstancia que requiere que usted termine la misión antes de la fecha indicada, por favor infórmenos.

                 Si es que tiene deseos de extender su misión por seis semanas, por favor infórmenos y pida el permiso del Presidente Riggins en su carta semanal.

                Si la fecha que le hemos indicado está bien, por favor indíquenos.  Cualquier pregunta o duda, estamos a las órdenes. Éxitos!


 Elder Oyler

Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Norte

Secretario del  Presidente Riggins

Dear (a) Elder or Sister,

                 We are making some plans for this year and we want to confirm the date in which you finish your mission and return home. Currently, relay date is scheduled for February 28, 2017.

                  If there is any circumstance that requires you to complete the mission before the due date, please inform us.

                  If he has no desire to extend its mission for six weeks, please inform us and ask for the permission of the President Riggins in his weekly letter.

                  If the date we have told you is wrong, please tell us. Any questions or concerns, we are the orders. Success!

 Thank you,

 Elder Oyler

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