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Monday, March 14, 2016

Testimono y Plan de Salvacion

HOLA! ¿QUE TAL FAMILIA Y AMIGOS? Espero que todo este bien y éxitoso con todos :)

Another week come and gone! wow. the longer i am here, the faster the weeks fly by! i felt like it was just monday, and here i am again, writing about the happenings of the week!

This week we worked hard! We pushed for 70 contacts this week, and had quite a lot of lessons!! On thursday we had 7 lessons, one right after the other... it was a day jam packed, but also super great, because we were finally able to teach a lot of people. also we did our visits with my converso Cindy Tenordio... who was baptized my first week here in November. she is preparing for a mission.... and WOW! she is amazing!! she has a testimony and a spirit about her that is incredible. she is able to help others feel the Spirit and recognize the importance of the gospel with everyone we meet! 

This past Sunday we had a fireside and Cindy and Amalia shared their testimonies and their converstion stories. it was really neat! the Spirit in the meeting was so strong and i realized how grateful i am to be a missionary and help others here come unto Christ. Well.. this meeting not only strengthened my testimony... but also the testimonies of the investigators we had there as well!! Because our investigator Michel from Cuba was there, and I know he felt the Spirit in that meeting!

We taught Michel Tuesday and i asked him if he had prayed and recieved an answer. And he said YES! i so i said... "and... what was the answer??!" and he said he believed the church was true!! he said he recieved his answer when he was at the fireside and Cindy shared her testimony! Wow!! i didnt really know what to say i was soooo surprised! Because when we first began teaching him he said that he would have to investigate the Church for at least a YEAR before being baptized.... and now he has a baptismal date for the end of this month! for the 26 of march!! :) AND he even has decided who he wants to baptize him! it was so neat! This made me realize the power of testimonies! how powerful are our testimonies!? Really truly our testimonies can change lives and help others find the truth. Gracias al testimonio de Cindy, Michel found his answer! :)

This week i had an intercambio with Hermana Childs and i got to go and work in her sector for a day while her comp went with my comp in my sector. it was fun to work with her again, learn more things from her, and meet new people!

This week we also started teaching english classes for kids in this summer camp that the church put on.... and its kinda fun!! its a little hard to teach english to 6-12 year old kids... but its fun too! we sing songs and do little games or quizzes, and i think that keeps them involved. But whats even more fun is when i see the kids after the camp in the streets and they recognize us as the missionaries and they come up and talk to us! its so cute! :) i have realized that little children really have such good spirits and they are great examples of happiness and learning. 

This week we seemed to focus a lot on the Plan of Salvation! how grateful i am for the plan of salvation!! :) wow! it is a perfect plan for us that is full of hope and the love of God in every part. i have actually come to love to teach this lesson. this lesson is HARD to teach because it is soooo long and a little complicated, and can produce so many questions. but its also really cool! :) its amazing to me how every part of this plan is carefully crafted and designed so that we can come back and live with our Heavenly Father again. Gracias to the Atonement of Jesus Christ, this plan is made possible. I am so grateful for my Savior. I know that this life is not easy, but we always have hope, and we can always recieve help when we rely and trust in Christ. My invitation this week is that we can all remember this plan of happiness that is given to us, and remember our great purposes and the opportunites we have in this life! :)

have a fabulous week! ¡les amo mucho! tengan un buena semana. Recuerdan que Dios les ama y quiere bendecir su vida :)

con amor,
Hermana Warburton
Sunday with a hermana in our ward... Belen

a coconut that we ate for lunch Sunday

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