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Monday, January 11, 2016

New Investigators and the Atonement

Hola hola familia y amigos! ¿Cómo están?

Another week in the barrio Samanes 1! Wow the people here are so awesome! we have great ward and leaders who are so willing to help this ward and area progress. :)

This week we found a new family! its kinda a crazy story, but here´s how it happened... 
So.. we have found this cute little restaurant in our sector. its run by the sweetest little old couple.. we call them grandma and grandpa! :) and its a buisness that looks like its run out of their kitchen, so we really feel like we are stepping into grandma and grandpa´s house when we go! not to mention its way cheap and super delicious! 
so this past wednesday after we didnt have the most successful day of finding and teaching people, that night we stoped by grandma and grandpas kitchen to grab something to eat. while we were there a man from the street called to us and asked us to talk to him. His name is Fernando and it turns out his is an inactive member of the church, and his girlfriend, Melisa wants to get baptized so they can be an eternal family! We taught them later this week and set goals for a marriage date and baptism date! A miracle of finding these people!

we are also getting ready for joffre´s baptism this week!! ya! finally! joffre and kati´s marriage is this wednesday and then his baptism is this friday! we are so excited!! :)

Also we are always reallllyyyy happy when we have investigators in church! yay! this past week we had 8! a miracle! these people HAVE to come to church or they cant progress... at all! the importance of the día de reposo... sabbath day... is sooo important! i have realized that a lot as i have been here!

hermana childs and i always have super fun and funny experiences that just seem to happen to us!
Last week there was a man who was selling honey. it is natural honey and is supposed to have super good health benefits, and he was trying to sell it to us for $15, which is wayyyy above the price it should have been. but i only had $4, and there was no way we were paying $15 for a jar of honey!! so with some bartering, and the fact we really didnt have much money...  somehow... we talked him down.. and we bought the jar of honey for $4.60 and 2 chocolates!! :)

This week we have shared a lot with the people here about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. many people here have a Christian background and believe in Jesus, but have no idea what the atonement is. they have no idea what the word means or what actually consisted of the atonement. we have enjoyed sharing the importance of the atonement with the members and investigators here. it is incredible how everyone is impacted and changed through the atonement. I love the explanation of why an atonment was necessary in Alma 34:9-10. It talks about how an atonement is necessary to fufill the plan of God, and how it needed to be an infinite and eternal atonement. The atonement isnt something that if you sin once its your only chance and you cant repent again. No! it is a gift that is available to us an infinte number of times, everyday for our whole lives. A great gift of hope that is available to us everyday. Jesus Christ truly knows how we feel, and how to comfort and strenghthen us through anything! :)

I love you all so much! Thanks for your endless support and love! have a great week! :)

les amo,
Hermana Warburton

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